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The Association of Urbanicity with Cognitive Development at Five Years of Age in Preterm Children
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Association Between Early Screening for Patent Ductus Arteriosus and In-Hospital Mortality Among Extremely Preterm Infants
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Usefulness of parent-completed ASQ for neurodevelopmental screening of preterm children at five years of age
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Evaluation of the relationship between plasma transfusion and nosocomial infection after cardiac surgery in children younger than 1 year
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Seeks, finds, threats: Lyme disease!
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A special ventricular arrhythmia!
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A determination of the current causes of hyperkalaemia and whether they have changed over the past 25 years.
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Bluish vomiting: a rare clinical presentation of poisoning
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Lower risk of atopic dermatitis among infants born extremely preterm compared with higher gestational age.
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The Global School Adaptation score: a new neurodevelopmental assessment tool for very preterm children at five years of age.
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Predictive Value of Thromboembolic Risk Scores before an Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Procedure.
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Prospective Evaluation of Behavioral Scales in the Behavioral Variant of Frontotemporal Dementia.
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Controlling the biological function of calcium phosphate bone substitutes with drugs.
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Triple tibial osteotomy for the correction of severe bilateral varus deformity in a patient with late-onset Blount’s disease.
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Steroids for LBP – from rationale to inconvenient truth.
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Should pulp chamber pulpotomy be seen as a permanent treatment? Some preliminary thoughts.
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Biodentine Induces Immortalized Murine Pulp Cell Differentiation into Odontoblast-like Cells and Stimulates Biomineralization.
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Albumin Limits Mesenteric Endothelial Dysfunction and Inflammatory Response in Cardiopulmonary Bypass.
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Does Peripheral Neuropathy Have a Clinical Impact on the Endovascular Approach as a Primary Treatment for Limb-Threatening Ischemic Foot Wounds in Diabetic Patients?
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Fotemustine: A Third-Generation Nitrosourea for the Treatment of Recurrent Malignant Gliomas.
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Dopaminergic axon guidance: which makes what?
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Evolution-centered teaching of biology.
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Improved serodiagnosis of cystic echinococcosis using the new recombinant 2B2t antigen.
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When health care priorities are unclear: Do we obtain organs or try to save lives?
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Why are written picture naming latencies (not) longer than spoken naming?
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Long-term sickness absence due to adjustment disorder.
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An example of extreme cardiology: chest pain on the high seas and helicoptered medical evacuations The French Navy experience.
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Practical questions around individual with a pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter defibrillator.
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Screening for prostate cancer by digital rectal examination and PSA determination in Senegal.
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Deployment of a mobile RT-PCR laboratory molecular biology to deal with the A(H1N1) challenge in Kaboul.
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Novel human pathological mutations. Gene symbol: NOTCH3. Disease: CADASIL. (1)
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Novel human pathological mutations. Gene symbol: NOTCH3. Disease: CADASIL. (2)
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